What is VWBC

Since VWBC was established and launched in 2007, it have been broadcasting a live program, "Civic BroadCast" program which contains Virtual World news and sit-talk of Prof. In Yan with a guest who is well known Japanese SL avatar such as artists, creators, and event planners/ organizer on every Friday at 21:00-22:00, at Japan Time.
In Yan is a founder of VWBC and a professor at the graduate school of Digital Hollywood in Tokyo also known as Keiji Mitsubuchi.
We broadcast this live program on our website at www.vwbc.jp and also by/via web streaming on Stickam JAPAN!(www.stickam.jp) and Mobie.jp(http://mobie.jp/). Also, we have placed over 20 screens within Second Life and regularly have 400-1200 viewers as its avarage.

VWBC has been quite actively distributing and contributing communities in Second Life and also to other metaverses.
Also, VWBC has been successfully emerge both Real and Virtual events such as conference, concerts, and symposium into each World.
You will be able to see our records in English soon.

Also, we are working on its Archive page so that you will be able to enjoy past shows.

If you have ay questions or suggestions, we are very open to hear your voices.
Please contact VWBC at: vwbc@3u.com